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Weekly schedule update:

Monday, January 19th. 6:41am

Arena-Draft Hearthstone Tournaments will continue to be run every Sunday. They are fun, fast and they get a good crowd.

I like the sideboard format for Hearthstone Tournaments. I think it is more competitive than the 2014 Blizzcon knock-out format. It will replace the previous knock-out format I was running on Mondays for the near future.

It's very possible that I will reduce the sideboard to 7 or 6 cards for next week. We'll have to see about that after tonight's tournament.

I am also going to get more strict with timing and no-shows. I intend to implement a clock on the bracket page during tournaments to make it more clear that players may advance after 15 minutes if the opponent is not present.

This week's Monday Sideboard Tournament Moved to Tuesday!

Monday, January 12th. 7:26am

Due to the NCAA national championship football game being played tonight and my team (The Buckeyes) playing for the title. The Monday night game has been moved to Tuesday for this week only.

New Sideboard Tournament Format

Friday, January 9th. 1:29pm

New tournament format starting Monday. It's a single-deck 10-card sideboard tournament.

You will play a single collection of 40 cards for the entire tournament (that means one class, and one class only). You will NOT know your opponent's class ahead of time. Matches will be a best-of-3 series all the way through the finals (subject to change).

In between any or every game, you may swap out up to 10 cards with your sideboard. Both loser AND winner may swap out cards.

After the match, the loser will be able to see the winner's 40 card collection in order to verify that they played cards only within their submitted 40 card collection.

New features for future tournaments!

Sunday, January 4th. 11:30am

Exciting new stuff coming out of HearthstoneOpen.com in the near future. I have nearly finished programming a group-stage format that can be added on to the beginning of any tournament. We will see it live on Tuesday for the vS weekly tournaments, and I'll probably enable it for future Arena-Draft Hearthstone tournaments to help ease the harshness of a best-of-1 format.

In addition to the group stage addition, some of you may remember the DraftKO team Hearthstone format. Well, as soon as I roll out the group stage format enhancer, I will also start putting the finishing touches on the Team Hearthstone tournament format. We should see that roll out in January!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from HearthstoneOpen.com

Friday, December 26th. 9:27am

After spending 6 days out of town with the future in-laws and still a few days to go here in town with my own family, Christmas is a busy season.

Looking forward to the big LiquidSky.tv tournament coming in a few days and more Hearthstone tournaments back on a regular schedule shortly after that.

Let's test out this new meta!

Upcoming Tournaments
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$400 Single-Deck 10-Card Sideboard Tournament [NA]
Saturday, Jan 31st. 2:00pm
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