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Monday Night Mayhem [NA]
Monday, Oct 6th. 7:00pm

Tournament News

Thursday, May 1st. 12:00pm
The Hearthstone Open tournaments are free to play, open tournaments designed for amateur players but open to all. They are held periodically -- approximately whenever I feel like it. Most tournaments are held on Blizzard's North American servers but from time to time there is a European event. Special tournaments and tournament series are also held. The tournament schedule is always posted on the front page.

Registering on this website allows you to participate in any of the open tournaments. To participate, register in advance and then check-in here on this website shortly before the tournament is to begin. The check-in process ensures that players are present and ready to play. The bracket for each tournament is built on-the-fly during the minutes between the check-in period and the official tournament start. The bracket is seeded randomly for most tournaments although ranked seeding is used for some series finales.

Sometimes there will be a prize pool, sometimes there will not. When there is, there will be a posting detailing how it is to be distributed.

Have fun! Thanks for participating.

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