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Team DraftKO: Updates and changes!

Thursday, February 12th. 11:19am

Fixed the draft order bug that would sometimes reverse the drafting order. Now team 1 should always draft first and team 2 will always draft second. (I hope). Which team is team 1 and 2 is still randomized. It doesn't matter if you offer the challenge or not. You have an equal chance of being team 1 or 2.

Changed format to Blizzard's CONQUEST format. Every player on a team must win once for the team to win. (No more sitting around bored if your team goes 4-0). When you win a game you are done and someone else must play the next game. Losing player is no longer knocked-out. The losing team may re-play the same player or play a different player that hasn't won yet.

Fixed a bug that allowed someone on the same team who was not one of the 4 checked in players to view the other team's selections. Now all team-members regardless of their check-in status will see class-selection screen. This will ensure that the blind pick is really a blind pick.

Made a few small cosmetic changes.

Building Blizzard's Conquest Format

Tuesday, February 10th. 5:17pm

I intend to build a copy of Blizzard's "Conquest" format for a weekly tournament asap to ensure that competitors can practice the new format for a few months before BlizzCon.

This will also give the amateur crowd a great chance to get a feel for it so that they understand the ins and outs of it when they watch streamed pro matches of the same.

First Team Hearthstone Tournament Tonight!

Friday, February 6th. 7:19am

After quite a bit of coding to integrate the old "DraftKO" ladder into a tournament format, Hearthstone Open is ready to launch its first Team Tournament!

There are certainly more bugs to work out, but I believe that it is ready for a test run and I'm looking forward to the event.

I will try to answer questions as I can throughout the day but I will be at work until at least 5pm EST so I may not be able to answer all questions until I get home.

Keep in mind that 4 players from your team need to check-in in order to play. If you only have 3 check-in, you won't be put on the bracket. If you are the team captain and want to check how many players have checked in on your team, just withdraw and then re-check in. The check-in page will list how many players on your team have checked in.

Not Hearthstone: I got a new job!

Wednesday, February 4th. 7:41am

This won't affect the weekend tournaments I run but it may have an effect on the number of weekday evening tournaments. We will see as I get settled in.

If you're curious about my personal life, it means that I will accept an associate position at a very prestigious local law firm. It's a huge opportunity for me and I'm excited to take advantage of it.

HearthstoneOpen.com is applying for Hearthstone Cup Tournaments

Sunday, February 1st. 10:13am

Many of you in the know about the competitive scene of Hearthstone Tournaments heard about the recent Blizzard announcement related to 2015 Blizzcon qualifications.

Players will earn qualifying points for top ranked ladder play and also for officially sanctioned community events.

The top tier of community events requires at least 2 previous successful Hearthstone tournaments and the capacity for at least 128 registrations. HearthstoneOpen.com surpasses those requirements with ease.

I hope to soon announce an official agreement with Blizzard and date(s) for upcoming officially sanctioned point-earning Hearthstone Cup tournaments. See you soon!

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